Unity Technologies, Autodesk Maya, Zbrush

With the rapid advancement of digital technologies and media, we find ourselves lost in this uncanny valley of what is real and computer generated. These tools give us endless possibilities and abilities to simulate the real in digital spaces. In this game, I take you into the comfort of a virtual world of my own. The piece gives an insight into my life, my home and my surroundings at this point in a heterotopic state. I have enabled all this through 3D recreation and 3D scans - a form of documentation that lets us observe and interact with objects in their complete dimensionality. By shifting the comfort of my home to the digital screen I find myself questioning the difference between a house and a home.

Through my work, I let each viewer take their own path, make their own choices and decisions; they control the piece. There is no set order or routine, leaving space for each experience to be unique to the individual. While navigating the reconstructed space of my house in Chicago, different questions or tasks are proposed to the viewer in the form of seven mini-games, which explore the multiple aesthetics of videogames over the years.

In collaboration with Rudradaman Singh

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